Sunday, 2 September 2012

Rotten Toe

Been a while since I have posted, and have a backlog of posts to make. Got caught up with having to move to a new sim and re-set up my home and photo space due to having been hit BAD by this bug:
I'm usually the last to find out about great places, so when I stumbled upon Rotten Toe while adventuring around the grid, I did a little squee. This place is full of great group gifts, and has some really excellent and different skins, hair and clothes available.
Some examples of the group gifts to be had are shown here. I think my favourite was this dress. It is a nice mix of grunge and delicate femininity that often seems to be missing in grunge and goth clothing. Closely followed by this hair. It is pink, gothic lolita-ish and did I say pink......what isn't to like about that.
Rotten Toe dress
There were three skins as group gifts available when I went, each quite different than the others as far as make-ups went. One of the skins is a doll skin which also had hearts on the nipple area.
Another of the excellent gifts was this torn and beaten up corset. The colourful and fun bracelets worn here are also a group gift.

What I am wearing:-
Dress - Rotten Toe "Antique Doll Dress"  (group gift)
Skins -  Rotten Toe "!RT...Doll Skin"  (group gift)
                                    "!,me!" 2 shades included  (group gift)
                                    "!RT...Valentine's skin" 2 versions included  (group gift)
Corset - Rotten Toe "Long Rotten Corset"  (group gift)
Hair - Rotten Toe "Vika - pink"  (group gift)
Bracelets- Rotten Toe "RT...Urban Bracelets"  (group gift)
Necklace - [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] "LENORE Necklace"
Piercings - UtopiaH  "Simple Piercing #5"

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