Monday, 19 December 2011

World's End Garden

I was quietly relaxing when an incoming group notice caught my eye. A new release from World's End Garden!
Better than that though, it was just not one new release it was several.
And a new location.
:::WEG::: La Reve Illusoire ~Sepia(LB limited)
I chose this one to blog first as it was one of 3 new releases to highlight her new location.
And is it stunning! As always, Lucia's attention to detail and her lush textures shine through.
:::WEG::: La Reve Illusoire ~Sepia(LB limited)
What I'm wearing:-
Dress, gloves and pearl necklace - :::WEG::: La Reve Illusoire ~Sepia(LB limited) (Lucky board 5 minutes)
Skin - Pink Fuel "Alyx <Pearl>" (Bakesale Prelease - Static (dkbrow))

Photos taken at the WEG shop, Apis Peri

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