Monday, 13 August 2012

Perfectly Pink

One of my favourite colours in both worlds is Pink. Sadly though my RL skin colour doesn't suit pink at all.
But in SL, I love wearing pink!
Went wandering through the Fashion Voodoo event a couple of days ago, and this dress caught my eye immediately with it's strong pink and black.
With the dress tucked firmly in my over-bulging inventory, I went back home to create a look with it. One thing I discovered is that despite my last name, I have very little goth stuff in my inventory. So after much diving and fossicking this is what I came up with.
helli_perfect pink
For the photos I paid a visit to the sim I basically started my Second Life back in 2005 at - Transylvania for their 8th Birthday! The sim has gone through many many transformations, but has always stayed true to it's roots.
helli_perfect pink2
I wanted to show a close-up of one of the amazing skins that Aeva/Heartsick have out as group gifts. With it's pink lips and eyeshadow it was a perfect skin for this dress.
helli_perfect pink_head

What I am Wearing:-
Dress - American Bazaar "[AB] MESH Frivole Dress Zebra"  available at Fashion Voodoo
Stockings - American Bazaar "[AB] Viper Sock Fishnet"  available at Fashion Voodoo
Skin - Aeva "A // Selene : 3 : July GG : Mid Cleavage"  Group gift.  group is free for now, but not sure how much longer.
Hair - TRUTH "Kalle w/Roots - espresso"
Nails - Izzie's - Classic Nails in pink"
Necklace - LOULOU&CO  "Necklace :: HYPERION :: V.2"
Gloves/Bracelets - LOULOU&CO  "Bracelets :: ENIGMA :: Black"
Earrings - Virtual Insanity "Morbid Extravaganza Earrings Black"
Shoes - N-core "COQUETTE Platform "Pink""  old Womenstuff Hunt gift

Please read the post below from Ruby, and donate if you can to the very worthy cause of Bone Cancer.
Thank you  xxx

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