Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Natty Dread!

Today I was scouring the Second Life Marketplace for some good deals, and thought I would share these beauties with you!

I came across this....it's the "Delicious" bikini by Twinflames. And delicious it really is!! I just love how it shines in the sunlight! And it's FREE! (see bottom of this post for links to get it!)

Of course, the bikini warrants going to the beach....what's the point in wearing one otherwise? So off I flew to a beautiful exotic island in the sun to tan my lily-white skin....which coincidentally I also got from the Marketplace (the shape came with it) - this is the Keri shape/skin group gift by Panda Punx (you don't have to be in the group to buy it though through the marketplace!), and it cost my just 1$L!!

Of course, I needed some hair to compliment my look, and I found these beautiful white-blonde dreadlocks! They come with a matching tattoo hairbase, and the detail on them is fantastic! They are the Flexible Braids in Natural White, and are made by dDx. They are a marketplace exclusive, and cost just 1$L, so get them whilst you still can!

Hope your day is full of sunshine too!

Where to get the items mentioned in this post:

"Delicious" Rasta Bikini by Twinflames: Here (SL Marketplace), 0$L

Keri Skin/Shape by Panda Punx: Here (SL Marketplace), 1$L

Flexible Braids (in Natural White) by dDx: Here (SL Marketplace), 1$L

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