Thursday, 28 June 2012

Oh. Hai.

Because Helli is such a lovely lady, she has agreed to me contributing to this blog too! :)

I have been in Second Life for a good few years now, but have had quite a bit of down-time since November 2011, and have just started back on there. WOW HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED. Mesh clothing!? Didn't have a clue about it! haha. Oh how much I have been missing out on!

As for what I will be contributing to this blog - Many different things. I will be posting clothing/accessories for both men and women, as Mr.Criss is my willing guinea pig for outfits Too! Good boy :)
Many of my posts will be items that are free or below 10$L, because as all of my friends here in SL know, if I can get stuff for free, I will. I survived in SL on 72$L during the space of 6 months, and was well-dressed. To look good, you don't have to spend mega-bucks!

I hope that you enjoy reading! :)

Ruby xx

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