Sunday, 5 August 2012

Visions of a Goddess

Been quite a while since I have posted anything, mostly because my PC was so bad that I crashed constantly. So here I am with a brand new PC! And OMG being able to go to places like hairfair and actually rez before crashing 1000 times over was so different. I don't know about you all, but the sky, water, avatars, textures all look so much more amazing than they did 2-3 years ago. And shadows are to die are reflections. LOL.
Anyway on with today's post.
One Designer I have always had a soft spot for, for the quality of her designs, the originality of her work, and her sheer generousness, is AnaLee Balut.
This month's Group gift is to die for!
Called Goddess Olymp as a tribute to the Greeks and the Olympics it is simply divine. And truly fit for a Goddess.
From the amazing feathery wisps of the headress
ALB Goddess Headdress
To the amazing flow of the delicate white lace of the dress, covered in a sheer gold shimmer, with lace flower accents on the right shoulder and hip, this dress would be a highlight in any girl's wardrobe.
ALB Goddess full
Not content with just having a stunning dress/headdress, AnaLee also included a tattoo for the face, beautiful earrings, and a jewelled diadem. There is also shoes that finish the outfit (not shown)
ALB Goddess face
The dress can be worn individually, as can the jewellery, making this a wonderful gown to go dancing in, or for romantic strolls with a special some-one. The only proviso is that you must have a mesh enabled viewer as most of it is in mesh.

What I am Wearing:-
Dress, Headdress, Jewellery, Shoes - ALB Dream Designs "Olymp Goddess" Group gift (group is $300L to join, but is well worth the joining fee as AnaLee puts out a gift every month)
Skin - Akeruka "Alba 08 Dark Cleavage"
Hair - [kik] "Gisele 1(black3)"

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