Thursday, 16 August 2012

Aeva @ The Cart Sale

Time for a new Cart Sale. And this time around see Aeva giving us a taste with not one but THREE of her soon-to-come skin Phoebe with an exclusive make-up.
These skins are luscious, the skin tones gorgeous! Three different skin tones are offered at only $10L each !!!!
We have pale
We have a honey tan
And we have a dark

What I am Wearing:-
Skin - Aeva "A // Phoebe" ~ 1,3, & 5 available at The Cart Sale $10L each
Hair - TRUTH  " Isla w/Roots - espresso"

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Lovely Likka

Likka*House is one of those shops I pop into every once in a while to check what's new. It's also a group I make sure I am a member of for their great group gifts like this one.
Helli_LIKKAHOUSE Alrescha -baby_sitting
The body suit is sweet in pastel pink and white, and a little bow. The gloves add a touch of femininity and class with the white lace. And the parasol is gorgeous. My only criticism is the sandals (not shown) which tend to move as you move.
Helli_LIKKAHOUSE Alrescha -baby_standing

What I am Wearing:-
Bodysuit/Gloves/Parasol - LIKKA*HOUSE "L*H Alrescha -Baby"  group gift
Skin - Lara Hurley "Jade/DARK"  from "One Voice"
Eyeshadow/Blush - Madrid Solo "Female Summer Jazz"  group gift
Hair - TRUTH "Kalle 2 w/Roots - seaspray"

Monday, 13 August 2012

Perfectly Pink

One of my favourite colours in both worlds is Pink. Sadly though my RL skin colour doesn't suit pink at all.
But in SL, I love wearing pink!
Went wandering through the Fashion Voodoo event a couple of days ago, and this dress caught my eye immediately with it's strong pink and black.
With the dress tucked firmly in my over-bulging inventory, I went back home to create a look with it. One thing I discovered is that despite my last name, I have very little goth stuff in my inventory. So after much diving and fossicking this is what I came up with.
helli_perfect pink
For the photos I paid a visit to the sim I basically started my Second Life back in 2005 at - Transylvania for their 8th Birthday! The sim has gone through many many transformations, but has always stayed true to it's roots.
helli_perfect pink2
I wanted to show a close-up of one of the amazing skins that Aeva/Heartsick have out as group gifts. With it's pink lips and eyeshadow it was a perfect skin for this dress.
helli_perfect pink_head

What I am Wearing:-
Dress - American Bazaar "[AB] MESH Frivole Dress Zebra"  available at Fashion Voodoo
Stockings - American Bazaar "[AB] Viper Sock Fishnet"  available at Fashion Voodoo
Skin - Aeva "A // Selene : 3 : July GG : Mid Cleavage"  Group gift.  group is free for now, but not sure how much longer.
Hair - TRUTH "Kalle w/Roots - espresso"
Nails - Izzie's - Classic Nails in pink"
Necklace - LOULOU&CO  "Necklace :: HYPERION :: V.2"
Gloves/Bracelets - LOULOU&CO  "Bracelets :: ENIGMA :: Black"
Earrings - Virtual Insanity "Morbid Extravaganza Earrings Black"
Shoes - N-core "COQUETTE Platform "Pink""  old Womenstuff Hunt gift

Please read the post below from Ruby, and donate if you can to the very worthy cause of Bone Cancer.
Thank you  xxx

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Just popping in to say Hello, and an important message!

Hi all, just a quick post to let you know that I haven't fell off the face of the earth, and I will be back shortly with more great SL finds (hopefully!). I had surgery last week on my left leg to remove a rare type of bone tumor, and it's going to take me quite a while to recover. I am feeling a little better in myself each day, except for the pain, which is getting worse - but that is not a bad thing, the doctors said that the pain would get worse before it gets better as the nerves need to settle and stuff. The pain medication makes me very woozy, I keep dropping off to sleep randomly - I swear I could even sleep anywhere you put me at the moment LOL - just 2 days ago I wokeup to find my 6 year old with his hand in my mouth, because I'd randomly nodded off and he was worried I would swallow my tongue "because that's what happened on the casualty tv show" bless him haha

Anyway, I will be back soon, but as you can understand I hope, right now I can't be on SL because I'm not really feeling up to it. In the meantime, if you would please check out my justgiving page as I am trying to raise funds for an organisation that is very close to my heart, the Bone Cancer Research Trust. 

This organisation not only researches into different types of bone cancers and treatments for them, but also provides essential support for bone cancer sufferers of all ages. It is amazing.
If you can, please donate! Every little helps and together we can make a big difference!

Check it out here: 

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Thank you. See you all soon and lots of love,

Dressed to Go

Ever have one of those days where you wear something, then get this image of the look you want based around that item? Well this was one of those days. Picked up these red shorts by Baiastice at Dressing Room Blue, and got this image of a look.
The whitish top was easy, like most people I have plenty of those. Earlier in the day I had braved the lag at Collabor88 and picked up a bunch of demos to try on at home. Had also done the same on my visits to the Vintage Fair. Time to whip out all these demos and find the rest of my outfit.
So over the next few hours I tried on demos, decided on pieces to add, braved lag to go pick them up. And this is what I came up with.....
I chose D!va's fabulous new hair at Collabor88 first up. Love that jewelled headband! Next was this snazzy jacket by BOOM, also at Collabor88.
Skin was next on the list. Now I am a total skin whore (and hair whore), so most likely had several skins that would have suited. But I remembered seeing this luscious skin by Heartsick, (now Aeva) with it's bright red lips, and cat eyes at Vintage Fair. This skin is lovely on, and you get so many options.....freckles, various levels of cleavage, a shape, alphas to hide system lashes, set of hairbases, teeth, even a physics layer for bewbs.

 What I am Wearing:-
Pants - Baiastice "Militap pants maroon" at Dressing Room Blue
Hair - D!va " Manon Type B Onyx" at Collabor88
Jacket - BOOM "Duveteux Rayonnant Jacket noir" at Collabor88
Skin - Aeva "A // Jaci ~ 3 // Belle Amie // Cleavage" at Vintage Fair (Retro sim)
Top - GizzA - TUTU [Cake] Shirt
Earrings/Necklace - Gems & Kisses "Purity Gold/Black" no longer available
Nails - Scrub "Red Nails"

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Covered in Plastik

Like many on the grid, I braved the lag to visit the Vintage Fair. So far I've only been to two of the sims (and have an armload of demos). But happily I did find the Plastik shop where I fell in love with this dress and leggings.
helli_Modalicious Dress
I love the blend of browns/reds/golds in this dress and the matching leggings. This is something I will get a lot of wear from. Teamed it up with one of Magika's newer hairstyles. Really loving the newer Magika hair. Glam Affair skin, Amorous and Purple Moon jewellery complete the look.
helli_Modalicious Dress_side
Just as a note the photos are taken in one of my Atmo-spheres made by Blue Pearl Homes & Furniture. These are fabulously built spheres and a great way to add a special place to go temporarily.
helli_Modalicious Dress2
What I am Wearing:- 
Dress and pants - The Plastik " Modalicious Dress//Shimma  available at Vintage Fair
Hair - Magika "After"
Skin - Glam Affair "Linn Tan - D HB 08"
Necklace/Earrings - Amorous "Simplicity"
Bangles - Purple Moon "Etnia Bangles in Brown"

Atmo-sphere - Blue Pearl Homes & Furniture "The Forgotten Cottage"  free!
Poses by [LAP]

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Colour Me Purple

Now that I have this super-dooper new PC, I've been able to get around and look at all the events going on at the moment (even if some are belatedly).
First off I paid a visit to Vanity Fair where I picked up this cute almost retro style dress from Chandelle. I love the colour purple so this was a sure winner. Then I paid a visit to Vintage Fair 2012 where I picked up this fabulous Escher inspired Pose prop by Bent.
helli_CHANDELLE - Vanity Fair Gift 2012
Teamed this up with one of my favourite Curio skins (I miss you so much Curio). This very retro flavoured hairstyle from Wasabi Pills, and basic MaryJanes from HOC.
helli_CHANDELLE - Vanity Fair Gift 2012 back

What I am Wearing :-
Dress/belt - Chandelle Vanity Fair gift "Susan"  free at Vanity Fair
Skin - Curio " Acorn [Dark] Pout-Tantrum 1" not currently available
Hair - Wasabi Pills " Ichigo Mesh Hair - Night shadow"
Shoes - HOC Industries  "Maryjanes"
Necklace, Earrings - Gems & Kisses "Meraviglia" no longer available
Bangles - YS & YS "Onyx"  old Dressing Room 

Pose Prop - BENT "Inspire - Escher Prop" available at Vintage Fair

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Do Not Pass !gO!

Down here in Melbourne, Australia it has been a cold, wet, dreary Winter. So I needed some colour in my life to brighten the day. And what could be more perfect than this fabulous Group Gift from !gO!?
!gO! Vintage Girl Dress
I teamed this fun dress up with subdued printed pants, lovely long hair caught loosely at the back in a scarf, some bright make-up and jewellery, and thongs (flip-flops) .
!gO! Vintage Girl Dress full view
!gO! is one of those shops that you stumble upon, and just fall in love with. Their clothes are all fun, versatile, casual, and a little different than the usual SL shop fare. And they have a ton of Dollarbies if your budget is tight.

What I am Wearing:-
Dress - !gO! "Vintage Dress" group gift  (Group costs  $50L to join)
Skin - Akeruka "Alba 03 Dark Clevage"
Hair - LollipopZ "Secrets-Cacao" Hairfair 2012
Pants - Cashmere "Freedom Jeans(cloud)" not sure if they are still sold as the shop has changed name and was closed for remodelling.
Thongs - J's "Gift flip-flap" freebie at the store
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer "Madrah Necklace Set"  available at FaMESHed
Bangles - Zaara " Indra painted stacked bangles *gold*"
Eyeshadow layer 1 - Blacklace "Beauty Vivacious Shadow Ocean"
Eyeshadow layer 2 - Izzie's "Eye Make-Up Forget me Not" old TOSL
Eyeliner - Belleza "Eyeliner 1" FLF
Eyeliner/lashes - R.icielli "Eyeliner + Lashes gift 3"  previous group gift

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Visions of a Goddess

Been quite a while since I have posted anything, mostly because my PC was so bad that I crashed constantly. So here I am with a brand new PC! And OMG being able to go to places like hairfair and actually rez before crashing 1000 times over was so different. I don't know about you all, but the sky, water, avatars, textures all look so much more amazing than they did 2-3 years ago. And shadows are to die are reflections. LOL.
Anyway on with today's post.
One Designer I have always had a soft spot for, for the quality of her designs, the originality of her work, and her sheer generousness, is AnaLee Balut.
This month's Group gift is to die for!
Called Goddess Olymp as a tribute to the Greeks and the Olympics it is simply divine. And truly fit for a Goddess.
From the amazing feathery wisps of the headress
ALB Goddess Headdress
To the amazing flow of the delicate white lace of the dress, covered in a sheer gold shimmer, with lace flower accents on the right shoulder and hip, this dress would be a highlight in any girl's wardrobe.
ALB Goddess full
Not content with just having a stunning dress/headdress, AnaLee also included a tattoo for the face, beautiful earrings, and a jewelled diadem. There is also shoes that finish the outfit (not shown)
ALB Goddess face
The dress can be worn individually, as can the jewellery, making this a wonderful gown to go dancing in, or for romantic strolls with a special some-one. The only proviso is that you must have a mesh enabled viewer as most of it is in mesh.

What I am Wearing:-
Dress, Headdress, Jewellery, Shoes - ALB Dream Designs "Olymp Goddess" Group gift (group is $300L to join, but is well worth the joining fee as AnaLee puts out a gift every month)
Skin - Akeruka "Alba 08 Dark Cleavage"
Hair - [kik] "Gisele 1(black3)"