Saturday, 24 November 2012

Breaking the Silence

It's been a while since I posted, and a lot has happened. I have called this post "Breaking the Silence" taken from the name of the make-up by Madrid Solo that I am wearing here. But also because it is a very apt name for this post.

Breaking the Silence
 Just after my last post I attempted suicide. Not because I am selfish and weak, but because as a sufferer of a degenerative disease that will eventually see me placed into care I had had enough.
I know there are many in SL that are in similar situations...having life-threatening, or degenerative diseases. Many of us alone and isolated in real life because of that disease, reliant on SL and the people in SL for our social and emotional support.

In my particular situation, I am the sole carer of an adult son with Aspergers, who can be very difficult to deal with at times, and is not a lot of support for me. I am not close to my family who do not know how to deal with my illness, so prefer not to deal with me at all. Nor do I have many real life friends...much for the same reason. My day is spent mostly sitting on my bed at my computer, or napping when I get too exhausted.

The crunch for me came after my mother's birthday when the whole family (including my brother's mother-in-law) gathered together for lunch. What should have been a fun day out, turned out to be me sitting staring at the back of the house silent while everyone else there talked about their lunches/dinners/outings together. Not once had anyone thought to invite me along on any of these, and the explanation I got was "well you are cripple, thought it would be too difficult for you". As if they were being considerate and doing me a favour!

 I came home in silence, and began to mourn for the life I used to have, and the loss of everything that had been important to me. And I decided that I had had enough loss, and didn't wish to wait to go downhill further. So I took tablets. They made me sick enough to have to go in hospital for 2 days, but as you can see they did not kill me. And now I am left with very damaged lining of my stomach making it even harder to eat than it was beforehand. In time that will heal though.

 So I break my silence to tell my story, to say you are not alone out there. And even seemingly very strong people like me can break at some point.

What I am Wearing:-
Pants Suit - D I R A M "Kylie suit"
Skin - Aeva "Myth ~ Onyx // Bare // Mid Cleavage" available at "The Wash"  10L$
Make-up - Madrid Solo "October Series- Silence"

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween Bliss and the She-Devil

So as promised....more goodies that I've found with the spooky theme!

The first thing I couldn't wait to tell you about is the gown they currently have in the *Bliss Couture* group gift bag! The group is free to join and it is so worth it - the dresses are stunning!
This dress is perfect for halloween - with an intricate lace design:

The skin here is the current monthly group gift by Al Vulo. It's aptly named  and has a red tone to it. The detail on it is amazing as usual, and it worked very nicely with my next Halloween costume too as you will see in a moment. But first, here's a close-up of the skin:

The hair is from Analog Dog, and was completely free. Find them in the freeballs over there. 
(Links to all item locations in-world at the end of this post)

Now, the other costume I found on my travels is from the lovelies over at Purple Moon! It is the Halloween group gift, and it's perfect if you want to go for a little something with a LOT of sexy!

 The outfit comes with everything you see here,even the flames! As you can see, the attention to detail is astounding! The skin is from Al Vulo and the Hair is from the Analog Dog freeball.

Happy shopping!

Where the get the items from mentioned in this post:

Halloween 2012 Gown - (Group gift) by *Bliss Couture* (0$L) - get it here
Skin - (October group gift) by Al Vulo (0$L) - get it here
Demonia outfit - (October group gift) by Purple Moon (0$L) - get it here
Hair - (Free gift in the freeballs on the beach) (0$L) - get it here

Fright Night! (and a few other things)

Hi everyone, sorry I've been away for so long!

I've managed to get onto SL for a little while this weekend, and whilst I was on, I found some lovely goodies for you - all with a spooky theme!

In terms of my recovery, it's going okay so far. I have another appointment with my oncologist in a couple of weeks, so hopefully it will go okay :)

I am still fundraising for The Bone Cancer Research Trust. If you would like to know more about my bone tumour and/or to donate, please go here. Thank you :)

Now, a very good friend of mine invited me along to a live music event with a Halloween costume contest. And of course when it came down to getting dressed up, I had nothing to wear as per usual. So I went on a quick search for something spooky!

As many of you will know, I love zombies! So of course, I decided to go as a zombie. But not just any old zombie....A BALLERINA ZOMBIE WITH BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN HAIR! WIN.

Some of this was 10$L or below....the shoes were a bargain for the fatpack at just 99$L (with colour change HUD!), and the dress was 200$L....yes I know, not like me to splash out is it - but I'm allowed a treat once in a while, and it was for a special occasion! So nerrr!

So....above is the dress - Zombie Bloom : Neo victorian Zombie Bloody Dress- isn't it beautiful!? The attention to detail on this is really something! I love the little bows and blood spatters, oh and the lacy frills on the tutu skirt! I picked this up from the marketplace, and it is by Rotten Toe (as always, see the end of this post for all the links on where to get these items!)

And here are the shoes....these are the Locket Ballet Heels by ::PG:: Extreme Party Girl (on the marketplace)- as I said, they cost 99$L, but are more than worth that as they come as a fatpack and have a tint & texture HUD with chain scripts included! 

As for the hair and skin....I also got these on the marketplace. The hair is Bride of Frankenstein by Paper Heart - a steal at just 1$L!! And the skin is Zombie Girl from the female skin collection by ::Miss.Murder:: - I LOVE this skin because I wanted something gory, but of course I wanted to be the prettiest zombie at the ball - and this ticked all the boxes....of course it's a bonus that it cost me just 10$L!

Here is a couple  of close-ups of the detail that has been put into the skin:

And later on today, I shall be updating with more spooktacular goodies that I've found on my travels around the metaverse - so please check back - I promise it will be something you won't want to miss!

Halloween hugs and zombie bites kisses,

Where to get the goodies mentioned in this post:

Zombie Girl Skin by ::Miss.Murder:: Female Skin Collection (SL Marketplace) - 10$L - get it here
Bride of Frankenstein Hair by Paper Heart (SL Marketplace) - 1$L - get it here
Zombie Bloom: Neo-Victorian Zombie Bloody Dress by RottenToe (SL Marketplace) - 200$L - get it here
Locked Ballet Heels Shoes Fatpack by ::PG:: Extreme Party Girl (SL Marketplace) - 99$L - get it here

Friday, 12 October 2012

Falling from You

A very belated post featuring the male and female outfits by Likka House from the Twisted Hunt.

It is perhaps ironical that this is the last photo of Demo and I together. Blindfolded, trusting to faith, and falling to the abyss below, Helli grasps frantically at his hand hoping he can pull her to safety. Demo leans back trying to grab her, and hoist her to safety.
The pull of opposite directions, opposing forces, and sheer willpower. Love that is encompassing, but not enough to hold people together, when wills pull in opposing directions blind to each other's real needs and desires. The perpetual paradox of love versus self.
Falling from You

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Chicago Blues

Been really busy RL, so had little time to Blog :(
One of my favourite designers in SL is GizzA. And this Limited Edition gown is stunning! It has a beautiful flow that just glides over the floor. Also, unlike many mesh skirts this one doesn't "break through" when you move your legs, an absolute plus when you want to spend the evening dancing. Really, do yourself a favour with this and go grab it before it sells out!
Gizza "Chicago Blues"
The fall of the many feathers as you float around is captivating. And the silver bodice really enhances and draws the eye in a subtle way to the bust area.
Gizza "Chicago Blues"
 The dress can even be worn without the feathers, emphasising the waist area with a wide sash at the front and large bow at the back.
Gizza "Chicago Blues"

What I am Wearing:-
Gown - GizzA "Chicago Blues" Limited Edition
Skin - Glam Affair "Amelie skin - Silent Doll D" old TDR
Hair - Truth "Briony w/roots - Raven"
Collar - Casuka "Collar Rosy - Black"
Necklace - Gems&Kisses "Purity PlatBlack"  no longer available
Lashes - LeLutka "2011 lashes/curl/touch me"
Lashes - *FTL* Eyelashes - C01 Natural
Eyeshadows - Glamorize "Jaded Black - Silver" and "Light Radiant - Silver"
Lips - Blacklace Beauty "Jelly Lips Sheer Sugar"

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Essence of PurpleMoon

Decided I would try my luck again this month in "The Essence of PurpleMoon" Flikr competition. Submitted entries last round, but wasn't selected, and was undecided about trying again. A few friends kept encouraging me to keep trying, and not being the give-up sort I put together a couple of photos.
First is the full shot.
This took me a while to do. The whole image is fully manipulated by me from a pose against a white background.
"The Essence of PurpleMoon" -"Hellishly Gothly"
Next up is the head shot, again taken on a white background, with a backdrop added later.
"The Essence of PurpleMoon" -"Hellishly Gothly"

What I am wearing:-
Gown - Purple Moon " Christina Rose Gown in Lavender"
Skin - Glam Affair  "Roza - The Arcade Gacha Events 07"  (Arcade Gacha 75L each)
Hair - Miamai "Ula RARE" (Arcade Gacha 50L each)
Lipstick - Madrid Solo "Sept. Group Gift Female- Sunday At Seven"
Eyeliner - Belleza "Neon Eyeliner BONUS black" previous FLF
Blush - Madrid Solo "Sept. Group Gift Female- Sunday At Seven"
Eyelashes -  FTL "Eyelashes - C01 Natural"
Jewellery - Finesmith "Wish"
Eyes - Mayfly "Deep Sky Eyes (Mountain Lake, w4)"

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dark Glamour at Euphoria

Time for another Limited Bazaar. And this time the theme is Dark Glamour. Not everyone was out at the time of writing, but the ones that were out are worth getting.
I totally fell for this thigh length black coat from Gizza. It has a great line both front and back, and moves really well. Added bonus was it comes with a pair of seamed black stockings. How glam is that!
Dark Glamour
 I coupled it with one of the two earring and necklace sets Maxi Gossamer has on offer this time around. Add one of the newest hairs from Truth, the gorgeous skin Glam Affair had a the last Dressing Room, and it made for a truly glamorous look.
Glam-our at Euphoria - face

 What I am Wearing:-
Coat - Gizza "Belted Coat - Mesh" Limited Bazaar
Necklace/Earrings - Maxi Gossamer "Angelika" Limited Bazaar
Hair - Truth "Briony w/Roots - espresso"
Boots - TEN "10 Noma highboots in black"
Beauty Spot - Belleza "Beauty Mark 1" past FLF
Nails - Izzie's "Classic Nails Metallic"
Lashes - FTL "Eyelashes - C01 Natural"

Friday, 14 September 2012


A belated post from Limited Bazaar at Euphoria. Had these photos done a while ago, but so many other things kept popping up that I never got a chance to blog them.
The theme at the last Limited Bazaar was 60's. And one of the Designers that caught my eye was Fleshtone. I bought both their offerings, and when I had an issue with the anchor prim showing through my hand, the creator Stevenzuuh GossipGirl wasboth friendly, helpful, and really quick to send me a new copy of both outfits so I could fix them.
The outfit I chose to blog was the top, because...well I love it!
Spots'n'Stripes - the Top
 I am a complete sucker for striped tops both in RL and in SL. Specially if they are black/white, or grey/white. And this one really is a cutie. With it's cropped front, scooped neck, and shaped, longer back, it really has my name written all over it.
Spots'n'Stripes - full
 I threw a spotted skirt into the mix, which is another RL/SL favourite of mine. And this little skirt from Teefy fitted the bill perfectly. Lastly was the calf-length Sandra white boots that came with the AvaGirl outfit I blogged previously, some big, jaunty earrings like the 60's Gogo Disks from Maxi Gossamer, and the look was complete.
Spots'n'Stripes - the Boots

What I am Wearing:-
Top -  Fleshtone "Minturn Sweatshirt"  past Limited Bazaar
Skirt - Teefy "Skater Skirt Black Dots" previous Dressing Room
Boots - AvaGirl "Sandra White Boots" past Limited Bazaar
Earrings - Maxi Gossamer "60's GoGo Disks BW" past Limited Bazaar
Hair - Truth "Roma w/roots - espresso"
Nails - Izzie's "Classic Nails Metalic"
Skin - Amacci "Liane (Nutmeg) 00 Clear"
Beauty Mark - Belleza "Beauty Mark1" past FLF
Eyeliner - Belleza "Neon Eyeliner Bonus Black" past FLF

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


When the chance came up the other day to blog an Indyra outfit, I jumped on it. I've loved Indyra for a loooong time.

Vicereine is a stunning outfit with so many options it is mind-boggling when you first unpack it. There is 3 dress options, 3 pantsuit options, and 3 sets of underwear.
There is a version with a collar, and sheer insert and sheer back section for both dress and pantsuit.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sixties Styling

One of my favourite events is Limited Bazaar at Euphoria. This round was no exception. The theme this round was "The 60's" With so many great offerings the choice wasn't easy, and I could have bought almost everything there if my purse stretched that far. Sadly it doesn't so these were my choices.
sixties view 1
I love the bright almost electric colours in this mini dress. The shape with the scoop neck, bell sleeves and loose A-type flow to the skirt is perfect. Paired with the white zip-up calf-length boots that are included, SO sixties in feel.
sixties view 2
The gorgeous skin worn here goes ever so perfectly with this dress and boots. It is Mojo Mulay Hazelnut (Limited Edition). The eyes are gorgeous. Soft and smokey, and the lips subtly natural.

What I am Wearing:-
Dress & Boots - AvaGirl "LB Sandra P/Y" Limited Bazaar (still available)
Skin - MOJO "Mulay Hazelnut" Limited Bazaar (sold out)
Hair - Exile "She Loves You:Raven"
Beauty Spot - Belleza Beauty Marks" past FLF
Earrings - Maxi Gossamer "Earrings - 60's Gogo Disks - Candy Colours" Limited Bazaar (still available)

props - W.Winx/Flair "WinxBox - Stirred"
            - oOo Studio "Stacked"      (both were available at Archie Fundraiser)

Monday, 3 September 2012

In Purple

I've always had a love of bright, bold colours and patterns, and I love the colour purple. So this little summer top/dress/camisk from R2 Fashions was a no-brainer for me to buy when I saw it.
I love the way the fabric flows and hugs the body, creating a sensual smooth look. The deeply scooped back is perfectly enhanced with a thin T-section of fabric down the centre, and a big, purple floppy bow.
The skin is one of my current faves from Aeva/Heartsick that was available at Vintage Fair. Add long hair by Truth, some purple bangles, necklace, and my favourite go-to nails by Izzie's and the look is complete.

What I am wearing:-
Top/Dress - R2 Fashions "r2 A/D/E j-color-tunktop-mini-one-piece"  Collabor88
Skin - Aeva "A // Jaci ~ 3 // Belle Amie // Cleavage"  was at Vintage Fair
Hair - Truth "Andrea w/Roots - java"
Bangles - Izzie's "*B* Wood Bangles purple"
Necklace/Earrings - Maxi Gossamer "Madrah"
Nails - Izzie's "Classic Nails"

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Rotten Toe

Been a while since I have posted, and have a backlog of posts to make. Got caught up with having to move to a new sim and re-set up my home and photo space due to having been hit BAD by this bug:
I'm usually the last to find out about great places, so when I stumbled upon Rotten Toe while adventuring around the grid, I did a little squee. This place is full of great group gifts, and has some really excellent and different skins, hair and clothes available.
Some examples of the group gifts to be had are shown here. I think my favourite was this dress. It is a nice mix of grunge and delicate femininity that often seems to be missing in grunge and goth clothing. Closely followed by this hair. It is pink, gothic lolita-ish and did I say pink......what isn't to like about that.
Rotten Toe dress
There were three skins as group gifts available when I went, each quite different than the others as far as make-ups went. One of the skins is a doll skin which also had hearts on the nipple area.
Another of the excellent gifts was this torn and beaten up corset. The colourful and fun bracelets worn here are also a group gift.

What I am wearing:-
Dress - Rotten Toe "Antique Doll Dress"  (group gift)
Skins -  Rotten Toe "!RT...Doll Skin"  (group gift)
                                    "!,me!" 2 shades included  (group gift)
                                    "!RT...Valentine's skin" 2 versions included  (group gift)
Corset - Rotten Toe "Long Rotten Corset"  (group gift)
Hair - Rotten Toe "Vika - pink"  (group gift)
Bracelets- Rotten Toe "RT...Urban Bracelets"  (group gift)
Necklace - [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] "LENORE Necklace"
Piercings - UtopiaH  "Simple Piercing #5"

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Aeva @ The Cart Sale

Time for a new Cart Sale. And this time around see Aeva giving us a taste with not one but THREE of her soon-to-come skin Phoebe with an exclusive make-up.
These skins are luscious, the skin tones gorgeous! Three different skin tones are offered at only $10L each !!!!
We have pale
We have a honey tan
And we have a dark

What I am Wearing:-
Skin - Aeva "A // Phoebe" ~ 1,3, & 5 available at The Cart Sale $10L each
Hair - TRUTH  " Isla w/Roots - espresso"

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Lovely Likka

Likka*House is one of those shops I pop into every once in a while to check what's new. It's also a group I make sure I am a member of for their great group gifts like this one.
Helli_LIKKAHOUSE Alrescha -baby_sitting
The body suit is sweet in pastel pink and white, and a little bow. The gloves add a touch of femininity and class with the white lace. And the parasol is gorgeous. My only criticism is the sandals (not shown) which tend to move as you move.
Helli_LIKKAHOUSE Alrescha -baby_standing

What I am Wearing:-
Bodysuit/Gloves/Parasol - LIKKA*HOUSE "L*H Alrescha -Baby"  group gift
Skin - Lara Hurley "Jade/DARK"  from "One Voice"
Eyeshadow/Blush - Madrid Solo "Female Summer Jazz"  group gift
Hair - TRUTH "Kalle 2 w/Roots - seaspray"

Monday, 13 August 2012

Perfectly Pink

One of my favourite colours in both worlds is Pink. Sadly though my RL skin colour doesn't suit pink at all.
But in SL, I love wearing pink!
Went wandering through the Fashion Voodoo event a couple of days ago, and this dress caught my eye immediately with it's strong pink and black.
With the dress tucked firmly in my over-bulging inventory, I went back home to create a look with it. One thing I discovered is that despite my last name, I have very little goth stuff in my inventory. So after much diving and fossicking this is what I came up with.
helli_perfect pink
For the photos I paid a visit to the sim I basically started my Second Life back in 2005 at - Transylvania for their 8th Birthday! The sim has gone through many many transformations, but has always stayed true to it's roots.
helli_perfect pink2
I wanted to show a close-up of one of the amazing skins that Aeva/Heartsick have out as group gifts. With it's pink lips and eyeshadow it was a perfect skin for this dress.
helli_perfect pink_head

What I am Wearing:-
Dress - American Bazaar "[AB] MESH Frivole Dress Zebra"  available at Fashion Voodoo
Stockings - American Bazaar "[AB] Viper Sock Fishnet"  available at Fashion Voodoo
Skin - Aeva "A // Selene : 3 : July GG : Mid Cleavage"  Group gift.  group is free for now, but not sure how much longer.
Hair - TRUTH "Kalle w/Roots - espresso"
Nails - Izzie's - Classic Nails in pink"
Necklace - LOULOU&CO  "Necklace :: HYPERION :: V.2"
Gloves/Bracelets - LOULOU&CO  "Bracelets :: ENIGMA :: Black"
Earrings - Virtual Insanity "Morbid Extravaganza Earrings Black"
Shoes - N-core "COQUETTE Platform "Pink""  old Womenstuff Hunt gift

Please read the post below from Ruby, and donate if you can to the very worthy cause of Bone Cancer.
Thank you  xxx

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Just popping in to say Hello, and an important message!

Hi all, just a quick post to let you know that I haven't fell off the face of the earth, and I will be back shortly with more great SL finds (hopefully!). I had surgery last week on my left leg to remove a rare type of bone tumor, and it's going to take me quite a while to recover. I am feeling a little better in myself each day, except for the pain, which is getting worse - but that is not a bad thing, the doctors said that the pain would get worse before it gets better as the nerves need to settle and stuff. The pain medication makes me very woozy, I keep dropping off to sleep randomly - I swear I could even sleep anywhere you put me at the moment LOL - just 2 days ago I wokeup to find my 6 year old with his hand in my mouth, because I'd randomly nodded off and he was worried I would swallow my tongue "because that's what happened on the casualty tv show" bless him haha

Anyway, I will be back soon, but as you can understand I hope, right now I can't be on SL because I'm not really feeling up to it. In the meantime, if you would please check out my justgiving page as I am trying to raise funds for an organisation that is very close to my heart, the Bone Cancer Research Trust. 

This organisation not only researches into different types of bone cancers and treatments for them, but also provides essential support for bone cancer sufferers of all ages. It is amazing.
If you can, please donate! Every little helps and together we can make a big difference!

Check it out here: 

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Thank you. See you all soon and lots of love,

Dressed to Go

Ever have one of those days where you wear something, then get this image of the look you want based around that item? Well this was one of those days. Picked up these red shorts by Baiastice at Dressing Room Blue, and got this image of a look.
The whitish top was easy, like most people I have plenty of those. Earlier in the day I had braved the lag at Collabor88 and picked up a bunch of demos to try on at home. Had also done the same on my visits to the Vintage Fair. Time to whip out all these demos and find the rest of my outfit.
So over the next few hours I tried on demos, decided on pieces to add, braved lag to go pick them up. And this is what I came up with.....
I chose D!va's fabulous new hair at Collabor88 first up. Love that jewelled headband! Next was this snazzy jacket by BOOM, also at Collabor88.
Skin was next on the list. Now I am a total skin whore (and hair whore), so most likely had several skins that would have suited. But I remembered seeing this luscious skin by Heartsick, (now Aeva) with it's bright red lips, and cat eyes at Vintage Fair. This skin is lovely on, and you get so many options.....freckles, various levels of cleavage, a shape, alphas to hide system lashes, set of hairbases, teeth, even a physics layer for bewbs.

 What I am Wearing:-
Pants - Baiastice "Militap pants maroon" at Dressing Room Blue
Hair - D!va " Manon Type B Onyx" at Collabor88
Jacket - BOOM "Duveteux Rayonnant Jacket noir" at Collabor88
Skin - Aeva "A // Jaci ~ 3 // Belle Amie // Cleavage" at Vintage Fair (Retro sim)
Top - GizzA - TUTU [Cake] Shirt
Earrings/Necklace - Gems & Kisses "Purity Gold/Black" no longer available
Nails - Scrub "Red Nails"

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Covered in Plastik

Like many on the grid, I braved the lag to visit the Vintage Fair. So far I've only been to two of the sims (and have an armload of demos). But happily I did find the Plastik shop where I fell in love with this dress and leggings.
helli_Modalicious Dress
I love the blend of browns/reds/golds in this dress and the matching leggings. This is something I will get a lot of wear from. Teamed it up with one of Magika's newer hairstyles. Really loving the newer Magika hair. Glam Affair skin, Amorous and Purple Moon jewellery complete the look.
helli_Modalicious Dress_side
Just as a note the photos are taken in one of my Atmo-spheres made by Blue Pearl Homes & Furniture. These are fabulously built spheres and a great way to add a special place to go temporarily.
helli_Modalicious Dress2
What I am Wearing:- 
Dress and pants - The Plastik " Modalicious Dress//Shimma  available at Vintage Fair
Hair - Magika "After"
Skin - Glam Affair "Linn Tan - D HB 08"
Necklace/Earrings - Amorous "Simplicity"
Bangles - Purple Moon "Etnia Bangles in Brown"

Atmo-sphere - Blue Pearl Homes & Furniture "The Forgotten Cottage"  free!
Poses by [LAP]