Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Fright Night! (and a few other things)

Hi everyone, sorry I've been away for so long!

I've managed to get onto SL for a little while this weekend, and whilst I was on, I found some lovely goodies for you - all with a spooky theme!

In terms of my recovery, it's going okay so far. I have another appointment with my oncologist in a couple of weeks, so hopefully it will go okay :)

I am still fundraising for The Bone Cancer Research Trust. If you would like to know more about my bone tumour and/or to donate, please go here. Thank you :)

Now, a very good friend of mine invited me along to a live music event with a Halloween costume contest. And of course when it came down to getting dressed up, I had nothing to wear as per usual. So I went on a quick search for something spooky!

As many of you will know, I love zombies! So of course, I decided to go as a zombie. But not just any old zombie....A BALLERINA ZOMBIE WITH BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN HAIR! WIN.

Some of this was 10$L or below....the shoes were a bargain for the fatpack at just 99$L (with colour change HUD!), and the dress was 200$L....yes I know, not like me to splash out is it - but I'm allowed a treat once in a while, and it was for a special occasion! So nerrr!

So....above is the dress - Zombie Bloom : Neo victorian Zombie Bloody Dress- isn't it beautiful!? The attention to detail on this is really something! I love the little bows and blood spatters, oh and the lacy frills on the tutu skirt! I picked this up from the marketplace, and it is by Rotten Toe (as always, see the end of this post for all the links on where to get these items!)

And here are the shoes....these are the Locket Ballet Heels by ::PG:: Extreme Party Girl (on the marketplace)- as I said, they cost 99$L, but are more than worth that as they come as a fatpack and have a tint & texture HUD with chain scripts included! 

As for the hair and skin....I also got these on the marketplace. The hair is Bride of Frankenstein by Paper Heart - a steal at just 1$L!! And the skin is Zombie Girl from the female skin collection by ::Miss.Murder:: - I LOVE this skin because I wanted something gory, but of course I wanted to be the prettiest zombie at the ball - and this ticked all the boxes....of course it's a bonus that it cost me just 10$L!

Here is a couple  of close-ups of the detail that has been put into the skin:

And later on today, I shall be updating with more spooktacular goodies that I've found on my travels around the metaverse - so please check back - I promise it will be something you won't want to miss!

Halloween hugs and zombie bites kisses,

Where to get the goodies mentioned in this post:

Zombie Girl Skin by ::Miss.Murder:: Female Skin Collection (SL Marketplace) - 10$L - get it here
Bride of Frankenstein Hair by Paper Heart (SL Marketplace) - 1$L - get it here
Zombie Bloom: Neo-Victorian Zombie Bloody Dress by RottenToe (SL Marketplace) - 200$L - get it here
Locked Ballet Heels Shoes Fatpack by ::PG:: Extreme Party Girl (SL Marketplace) - 99$L - get it here

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