Thursday, 9 August 2012

Covered in Plastik

Like many on the grid, I braved the lag to visit the Vintage Fair. So far I've only been to two of the sims (and have an armload of demos). But happily I did find the Plastik shop where I fell in love with this dress and leggings.
helli_Modalicious Dress
I love the blend of browns/reds/golds in this dress and the matching leggings. This is something I will get a lot of wear from. Teamed it up with one of Magika's newer hairstyles. Really loving the newer Magika hair. Glam Affair skin, Amorous and Purple Moon jewellery complete the look.
helli_Modalicious Dress_side
Just as a note the photos are taken in one of my Atmo-spheres made by Blue Pearl Homes & Furniture. These are fabulously built spheres and a great way to add a special place to go temporarily.
helli_Modalicious Dress2
What I am Wearing:- 
Dress and pants - The Plastik " Modalicious Dress//Shimma  available at Vintage Fair
Hair - Magika "After"
Skin - Glam Affair "Linn Tan - D HB 08"
Necklace/Earrings - Amorous "Simplicity"
Bangles - Purple Moon "Etnia Bangles in Brown"

Atmo-sphere - Blue Pearl Homes & Furniture "The Forgotten Cottage"  free!
Poses by [LAP]

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