Tuesday, 17 July 2012

All these clothes and nothing to wear....

....except me shoes n undercrackers! 

It was a yucky day out, so I decided to stay home and sort out my wardrobe some more....the only problem is (as always) I cannot decide what to wear....then I remembered I'd picked up some new undies and shoes on my travels the other day. They are so lovely I thought I'd share them with you!

The lingerie set is "Moana" from Travellers, and is their free group gift! It's really pretty - black with gold lace accents! These pictures don't do it justice at all, so go get it and have a look for yourself whilst you still can!!

 As for the shoes....well, I can't remember how I found the place, but I saw that Felicity shoe store had a free group gift, so obviously I popped over there, joined up and got these beauties! Now there is a 30 $L group joining fee, but it is REALLY worth it, I promise! Because....I then found that not only was there this pair for free, but also about another 9 pairs dotted around the store! ALL FREE!
I shall be putting a post up later on today featuring all of these lovelies!
This pair in particular - come with a HUD to change the colour of the metal on the shoes to gold or silver and skin tone.

 I also picked up these earrings and this hair from the Hair Fair 2012! If you have not already heard, the Hair Fair 2012 is now on, and there are many free gifts to pick up whilst you are there, but also if you have the $$L's, please consider purchasing some too, as the proceeds go to the Wigs for Kids charity. This charity provides children with wigs when they have lost their own hair because of things such as alopecia, chemo, illness, burns, radiotherapy, etc. So, please, give generously, it's always nice to give something back!

The earrings are Severine in gold by Zibska and are part of the free gifts for Hair Fair 2012. They're really pretty!

The hair is from the Alice Project, and is also a Hair Fair 2012 free gift, named Tessa Infinity. It comes with or without bangs, and is actually blonde when you get it, but there is a HUD to change the colour, which I did!

Oh, and as promised, here's the close-up of the Al Vulo skin I mentioned in the previous post! See how beautiful it is!

Where to get the items featured in this post:

Lingerie Set: Moana by Travellers (group gift, 0$L): here

Shoes: Harlow in Gold by Felicity (group gift, 0$L, but 30 $L group join fee): here

Earrings: Severine Gold by Zibska (Hair Fair 2012 gift, 0$L): here

Hair: Tessa Infinity by Alice Project (Hair Fair 2012 gift, 0$L): here

Skin: Al Vulo (group gift, 0$L): here

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