Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Free in every sense of the word....!

Firstly, sorry for the lack of updates this past week, I've not been feeling too well! Now that I aIm feeling better, here's a double update (in 2 posts, next one will be uploaded very shortly so keep looking!!)
Al Vulo have a monthly free skin for group members....I pick them up every month and have to say they are one of my favourite skin designers in Second Life!  The attention to detail is amazing! This month, they have the skin you see below....yes, it is pale, yes my friends tell me how pasty white I am, I don't care! Who said you have to look like you rolled in a bag of freakin' cheesy Doritos to look good!? I personally like my porcelain skin, and the makers at Al Vulo get it right every time! I also love the colour of the lips, and the detail around the eyes! Sorry the picture isn't so big, so you can't see much of the detail here, but in my next post there will be closeups, so have a look! 

The hair is from Analog Dog (by far one of my favourite hair designers!), and it compliments this skin perfectly! This hair is , and it comes in two parts, so you can choose how long you want it to be! I did put the longer bits onto it here because I didn't want Father Christmas and all his uncles seeing my nipplarna's, but without the extensions, the hair is about 3/4 the length you see here. The colour is wonderful - one of my favourite hair colours actually (and the same as I had in real life until recently!)
You can grab this hair by going to Analog Dog and grabbing it from the freeball (they look like bubbles floating on the beach, just click on them to get the item!)

See below the pic for SLurl's! And don't forget to check the next post when it's up in a few minutes for more details on this lush skin (and maybe some shoes!)

Where to get the items featured above:

Skin : Dating In the Dark, group gift, 0$L: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ReMix%20Yo%20LIfe/178/160/1351

Hair: Analog Dog 0$L (find them in the freeballs!): http://slurl.com/secondlife/Analog%20Dog%20Hair/182/103/23

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