Friday, 21 August 2015

What if Eve was a Fae

It's been a little while since I've shown the EVE body, mostly due to my computer just not being good enough to show a mesh body off all that well, and also as there has not been enough skin makers that supported it (though both the head and the body support Omega appliers). Personally I love this body, it suits my shape best out of all of them. I also love that it comes in two varieties Slim (shown) and Pulpy (for those that like voluptuousness and curves). Eve also have a head (worn here) available that personally I really like also. I'd love to see more support for this head as it has quite a different look to it than many. The head is still in beta, but don't let that deter you, this is a fully fledged head, just Ginger is still working on it.
What if Eve was a Fae
Now as I said there is not all that many skin makers that fully support Eve, Lumae is one such maker that not only supports the Eve body, but also the Eve head. Lumae is one of those skin makers that has been around seemingly forever under other brand names, and each huge evolution of her skins sees a rebranding (which I actually quite like). Lumae is her best brand yet, and they are really beautiful skins, with more options than you could ever hope to use as far as applier support goes. This skin shown here is available at We <3 Role-Play.
What if Eve was a Fae
The dress I am wearing here is really 5 pieces that make up a top, skirt and drape, and is also by Eve. The set is gorgeous, it flows and moves well, and has a ton of colour options. The flowers that flow down the skirt and also adorn the bodice are echoed in a matching headdress that is in two halves, so you can choose to only wear one side rather than the full version. As with the dress it is also colour change. Available as an exclusive at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair, you only have one more day to grab it.
What if Eve was a Fae
What I am Wearing:

Mesh body/Mesh head

EVE - Slim-V8.4
EVE - EVE'olution-head - Beta #2 
EVE - Adaptive Feet EVE Slim (to wear SLINK High shoes)

Lumae :: Jewel : Djinn :: Dotted Brow / Eyeliner (available @ We <3 Role-Play until August 31st)

EVE - Dia Slim (available @ Mesh Body Addicts Fair until August 21st)
EVE - Dia headpiece

MINA Hair - Myrtle 
Label Motion - Wings (comes with poses) (not sure if this will be available at the store)

Nails - EVE - nail applier #5
Eyes - IKON - Eternal Eyes - Azure

Label Motion

Blue Flowers - un Jour - HADOU-Gunjyou (sim is under construction)
Pergola - {vespertine} - garden folly / fountain ver.
Fountain - {vespertine} - belvedere fountain /folly animated ver.
Butterflies Cage with Hold Animation
+Half-Deer+ - The Sheltering Leaf w/ Bench - Green
Tree - *alirium* - Hermit [Green]
Shrubs - HPMD - Sweet Garden Grass05 - olive

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