Sunday, 16 February 2014

Everything is Black and White

It has been absolute craziness with the weather. Here in Victoria, Australia we have had a heatwave with day after day of high 30's or even low 40's C. (That's roughly 95 - 107 F for those that use the farenheit scale). With this has come bushfires, lots of them. Right across the state. Thankfully though there has been no loss of human life, and our Firefighters have worked miracles. I can't help but contrast that with the insane cold the US has been having, with snowfalls in places that usually never see snow in any quantity. And over in the UK they are virtually under water with the horrendous storms and all the rain they have been getting.
Black and white combinations, and stripes are some of my favourite design choices. I love the stark boldness that black and white give. So when I saw these black/white striped bloomer shorts from The Secret Store, and the white crop jacket with black ridges on the upper arms, also from The Secret Store, I knew I had to have them and put something together from them. Also a major sucker for crop jackets.


Wasn't really sure which way I wanted to go with this outfit, so experimented with a few ideas, none of which felt right. Then I decided to have a look at the Dressing Room Fusion, and saw this really cool hair with a spiky top, and plaits at the sides pulled back into a little ponytail. from Loq. That was it, that was the look I had wanted. So now it was time to accessorise. First thing was sunglasses. I wanted ones that spoke style. These ones from Glam Affair were perfect. Next up was jewellery. I'd already decided to wear one of my favourite necklaces in this one from Amorous. For earrings and bracelets I went to who else but Finesmith. The group gift from July last year was perfect. Next was nails, I went with the black and white nails by Nailed it. And then finally boots. I think I went through half my inventory worth of boots looking for just the right ones. These boots from Fri. were just the thing.


 Last thing I wanted to show was this fabulously cute dog (bulldog?) by Birdy. The jacket the dog wears is colour changeable through a HUD. A total must have for anyone into cute wearables.


What I am Wearing:
Shorts - The Secret Store - Balloon Shorts - Stripey    (Collabor88)
Jacket - The Secret Store - Aerolite Jacket - Milk    (Collabor88)
Boots - fri. - Allison.Boots - Eclipse   (come in both SLINK & regular boots. Hurry there is a sale currently on footwear to 16/2/2014)
            fri. - Allison.Boots - Sock.tops (Eclipse)
Hair - LoQ Hairs - Grappa Pieva - Jet Black
Skin - Glam Affair - Mokatana - Jamaica 06

Bracelets - Finesmith JOY bracelet black   (July group gift - still available)
Earrings - Finesmith JOY earring black     (July group gift - still available)
Necklace - : Amorous : Scene Kid (love/chest)
Sunglasses - Glam Affair - Vintage Sunglasses Black   (no longer available)

Eyes - Miamai - Protagoniste Basic Eyes
Hands - Slink Mesh Hands

.Birdy. - Boston Buddy - Cuddle     (The Men's Dept)

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