Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cosmic Rainbows!

Cosmic Rainbow

When I discovered this dress, well I just had to blog about it! It was dull and rainy outside today, and this outfit was just the thing to cheer me up! It sure worked, because it's hot and sunny out now! :)

The dress is the Ruffled Dress in Rainbow - a prize from Pixel Snob for the Taste of Second Life 2nd anniversary hunt. It's a mesh dress, and in the package, you get sizes XXS, XS, S, M, and L. It also comes with a flower attachment, in 6 different colours. As you can see, I didn't attach the flower and it looks good with or without! And of course, it was free, free, FREE!

This hair - I LOVE IT! The style is so cute and bonus of course that it has rainbow streaks! And the shine on it is lush, it's a really nice hair! I think this will be one I shall be seen wearing a lot around SL! It is the *BC322 Rainbow cotton blue. I picked mine up from Second Life Marketplace, but you can get it in-world too at Skull&Bones as far as I know. See links at bottom of this post to get the SLurl! And the best thing about it!? It cost me just 1$L!!

As for the skin....I got this last night from Akeruka Italian Creations, and it cost me just 1$L!! It was a group-only gift to celebrate their birthday in SL. Normally to join their group, it costs 250$L, but last night they were doing a free group join for just 1 hour, so of course I grabbed it whilst I could! I have to say though, their skins are beautiful - so if you just happen to have the spare 250$L laying around, it's definitely worth spending out, because the group gifts you get are great! A wise investment ;)

Dress: Ruffled Dress in Rainbow (TOSL hunt prize) by Pixel Snobs
Hair: *BC322 Rainbow cotton blue. Available on SL Marketplace or inworld at Skull&Bones
Skin: Meg V2 Birthday 2012 gift by Akeruka Italian Creations

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