Saturday, 18 May 2013

Ready in Red

Sorry to have not posted again in a while, but between my ISP being no better than dial up half the time, and SL being stuck in grey-world because the changes LL are doing puts a heavy demand on HTTP protocol...something my net is struggling to deal with. After several horrible days it is finally at a point where it's usable again. Many, many thanks to the Firestorm Support people for taking days to try to sort it for me.
On to today's outfit.
This ensemble is called Honey and it is by Yasum. It consists of a sleeveless body suit, a mini skirt, and chaps. Showing it here in red, but there is many, many options in the HUDs. Almost every aspect of the skirt and chaps is customisable.
Skirt HUD
Skirt HUD showing all the options
Chaps HUD
Chaps HUD showing all the options

The detailing on the chaps makes them a very cute accessory, while the skirt could easily be a mainstay in a wardrobe. Both are Mesh and come in standard sizing. The skirt also has an option called "Deformer" that does not require an alpha layer to fit.
Ready in Red_side1Ready in Red_side2

Accessories are various fabulous pieces by Finesmith. "Grapa" earrings and bracelet in "Darkness" are a nice balance between statement jewellery, and accessory, "Truth" bracelet is totally a statement piece, and the ring "Here comes the Sun" in "Sheridans" is an eye-catching piece without overpowering.
Ready in Red_front_details

Hair is part of the new releases in the brand new textures by Truth. It seems there is mixed reactions to the new textures as can be expected, some adore them, others are not so happy as their favourite texture has been replaced. Personally I love the new textures, and the new pack "Variations" is brilliant.

What I am Wearing:
Bodysuit - Yasum*Catsuit* Cherry
Chaps - Yasum*MESH*Cutie Chaps*
Miniskirt - Yasum*MESH*Mini Skirt*
Jewellery: FINESMITH Grapa bracelet Darkness
               FINESMITH Grapa earrings Darkness
               FINESMITH- Here comes the sun - Ring sheridans
Shoes - JD - Cruel - FatPack
Hair - TRUTH "Selma" - Black&Whites04
Skin - -Belleza- Mya SK BBB 1
Eyes - IKON Destiny Eyes - Green
Eyelashes - Gaeline *GA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria
Eyeliner - Gaeline *GA* Makeup Eyeliner V2 Black
Nails - Izzie's - Classic Nails

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